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Eversharp Doric Pens

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There is probably no more recognizable vintage fountain pen from the “Golden Era” than the 12 sided EVERSHARP  “Doric” .   For years it has been one of the more if not most sought after pens for some serious collectors.  On the Wahl-Eversharp time line the Dorics come in about 1930-31.  There were 2 series of Doric pens that ran consecutively from 1931 through 1935-6 with the dividing line falling approximately 1933-4.  The first series is identified by the “lattice style cap band, the plastic cap lip, and the wheel shaped roller clip, while the latter has a non-roller clip, an full metal jacket cap lip with a dart pattern therein and the introduction of a vacuum filler system optional.  Innovations such as “visualated” ink supply windows in the barrel or section, the cap-driven ink shut-off system, the adjustable nib (that ran one nib from flexible to firm with the movement fore and aft of a reinforcing slide on top of the nib), The Dorics were marketed as very fashionable and sophisticated featuring settings with pictures and text depicting such places as “New York, Palm Beach,  Doric pens still catch the eye of the casual observer and collectors alike.  There are a few plastics that were used almost exclusively in the Doric pens that are subject to crystallization and breakdown.  The buyer today is cautioned to make sure that each pen be carefully inspected and purchased from a reputable seller.

Doric pens Shown in the 1932 EVERSHARP CATALOG

Some clips from the 1935  and 1939 Catalogs