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Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal Flat Top pens Were the first of Wahl-Eversharp’s “Gold Seal” pens.  The Gold Seal was Wahl-Eversharp’s symbol for Lifetime Guarantee and was in no small part a competitive answer to Sheaffer’s White Dot pens.  These Gold Seal pens were produced starting in 1928 and sold through 1931 or longer depending on the remaining inventory at the factory.  Some of these pens have gold seal with tiny holes drilled in them, which it is believed by many collector historians was the factory way of voiding the lifetime guarantee, which they would not want to have to honor on closeout pens at the end of their top of the line status.  These pens were made only 2 years into Wahl-Eversharp’s entry into the world of plastic pens.  The plastic was produced by DuPont and came in a number of very handsome patters and colors.  These pens came in a wide variety of styles ranging from small ring top vest pocket  models made to be suspended from a watch chain or necklace up through various sizes reaching the Oversized “Deco Band” models some of which are shown here  The Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal pens helped further propel Wahl-Eversharp solidly into the “Big Four” pen makers of the day.  The Gold Seal Pens continued to carry on the Wahl-Eversharp reputation for remarkably smooth and flexible nibs, which are still much sought after today for their exceptional writing characteristics.

A Nice Color Assortment of “Flat Top” Gold Seal Pens in Large and Oversized sizes

Lazulitic Blue  Black Pyralin    Black and Pearl        Jade        Black and Pearl     Green-Bronze         Coral       Black and Pearl