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Photo Credit Jean Buchser


Gold Seal Personal Point “Flat-Tops”

Photo Credit Jean Buchser

Doric Gold Seal (Generation 1)




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Jean Buchser





By the advent of the 1920’s “plastics era” in fountain pens, Wahl had invested increasingly in their very successful metal pens and pencils designs to add variety and beauty to their very successful line of hard rubber writing instruments and delayed entering the “plastic era” until the competition was making the beauty and modernity of plastics a big deal.  While Wahl  did not abandon their metal and hard rubber pens entirely until 1931, they introduced their first plastic pens in 1927.  Wahl contracted with the DuPont plant in New Jersey to produce Nitro-cellulose plastics (pyroxalin), that Wahl dubbed Pyralin .  The first plastic Wahl Pens were machined from Pyralin plastic rod stock.  These relatively early plastics were made using camphor to avoid brittleness.  You can still smell the camphor (that ping pong ball smell) when you heat, machine, or dissolve pyralin today.  And it is the slow evaporation of the camphor that causes some of the deterioration we see in these plastics today.  Wahl’s first plastic pens were introduced in 1926 for wide distribution in 1927 and were labeled the Signature Pens. 

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Greg McKinney

Rose-wood Hard Rubber

In Late 1928, Wahl introduced their answer to the Sheaffer White Dot with their own “Lifetime Guarantee” Pen:  The Gold Seal.  At first glance it would appear that these pens were just Signature Pens with the gold seal, but a closer look reveals a couple of other innovations.   The more interesting features apart from their overall handsome shape and trim, was the introductin of the “Personal Point nib system where the nib and feed were held in an interchangeable collar permitting the dealer and the consumer to change the nib as needed from a super fine point accountnt to a wide Stub and 12 other styles in-between. As many more Gold Seal pens were to follow with other names, the original Gold Seals did not have another name to go with that.  In recent times, we have come to call these the “Flat Top” pens.

Black Hard Rubber Grecian Border

Rosewood Hard Rubber

Jet Black Pyralin

Later Jade Plastic Pen

Black Hard Rubber

Oversize Gold Seal Personal Point Pens

Red and Black Mottles Hard Rubber

Red Hard Rubber

Red Hard Rubber

Ear;y Jade Plastic Pen

A Monitor Pen - A nice Wahl-Eversharp “sub brand”

Lazulitic Blue Plastic

Some interesting Equipoised “Transitionals”

If we do call them such then there were as many as 6 versions of the Equi-Poised pen between the Sheaffer Balance look-alike and the final Equi-Poised pens

Photo Credit David Isaacson


Recognized worldwide as one of the finest examples of Art Deco Pens.  Made from 1936 to 1939 in Gold Filled metal.  Also available in Gold -Filled cap with Plastic Barrel.  Available with adjustable or plain nibs.

Two of the most elusive pens in all of Pendom and the “Holy Grails” of the Wahl-Eversharp Collectors:

ABOVE:  The Flamingo Oversized Grecian Border (“Deco Band”)


BELOW: The Red Hard Rubber Oversized Grecian Border Grecian Border (“Deco Band”)

A couple of very rare Wahl-Eversharp Equi-Poised pens in seldom seen colors

Rarely if ever seen WAHL Hard Rubber Safety Pens

A Nice Array of Flamingo pens in various models and sizes.